Retirement Planning

Retirement, no work, lots of leisure time. And it takes lot of money to be able to afford it. We all fear our Retirement, but quite a few of us only plan for it. During our whole employment tenure or working life, we are never satisfied with our earnings. Our earning always falls short of our desires. But have we ever thought what will happen when even this much earning will cease after our retirement?

We should plan for it now and given the high inflation rates, good investments like Mutual Funds only can provide us enough money at retirement to sustain the same lifestyle that we want to.

Our calculator can help you to determine how much money is required to be invested from today to achieve this goal comfortably.

Retirement Calculator

Your Present Age
Your Retirement Age
Your Life Expectancy
Your Current Monthly Expenses
Assumed Inflation (Should be close to the value at which prices
are increasing today i.e. 8-12% per year)
Assumed Investment Returns in Post Retirement period (Should be
close to what bank FD's offer today)

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