Child Education Planning

Child Education is one of the biggest financial goal of a person’s life these days because as a parent it is natural to seek best for your child. But due to competitive environment and new age career streams, education has become very expensive. Most of the parents start saving for Child Education right from the birth of Child.

Planning for child's education in advance assumes great significance in financial planning, as it is concerned with your child's future. Our calculator can help you to ascertain how much money is required to be invested to achieve this goal comfortably.

The 5 steps of planning for your Child’s Education are as follows:

  • Set a target Date
  • Find Current Cost of education including food accommodation and other expenses.
  • Find target amount assuming a reasonable rate of growth in expenses
  • Assume the returns you can generate on your investments
  • Calculate monthly savings required to reach target as per your assumed returns.

Child Education Planning Calculator

In how many years from now your child would go for Higher Education
How much money is required if your child has to go for Higher Education today (including Fee, Transportation, Accomodation, Food etc.)
Assumed Inflation in Higher Education cost (Should be between 10-15% per year)

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