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Why We Charge?

You must have got sales calls from a variety of agents selling various financial products like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Credit Cards, Loans, Car Insurance, Equity Trading etc., but have you ever got a call from a Mutual Fund Advisor for investment in Mutual Funds? “NO”, then have you ever wondered, “WHY”?

The, answer is very simple, the mutual fund commissions paid to advisors are very low and its not viable to provide quality advice and portfolio service at such low compensation levels. Hence, advisors don’t promote Mutual Funds and despite being an excellent investment option, people are deprived of investing in Mutual Funds.

We wish to overcome this irony by charging our clients a very nominal Account Management Fee, just to cover our overheads. We assure you that the level of research and service we will provide will more than justify this small charge. Our sole intent to act in your interest and we assure to take your trust seriously.


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